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My name is Simon Cordell and I have been a Star Trek fan since I was about eight years old! I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on the BBC. This makes it my favourite series, although they all have their own merits!

I think I was drawn to Star Trek at that age as it was colourful and exciting. Although that was part of it, the main reason I needed it in my life is because my parents got divorced a few years earlier, so I needed some positivity in my life. In my eyes it felt like the end of the world so I also needed something to believe in, so I turned to Star Trek.

Since I’ve watched Star Trek I have tried to understand it as much as I can, by investing time and money in different areas. For me that mean’s mainly trying to understand the ethics and morals behind each story. Then it’s about trying to integrate what I’ve learnt from the franchise into my life by trying to ‘improve’ it through the decisions I make.


I have also managed to get three questions published into the 'A fistful of data' section of the Star Trek Magazine. That section of the magazine is answered by none other than 'Doctor Trek' himself Larry Nemecek!

Star Trek Magazine issues: DSTL 2012 special no.42, DST3 special no.178 and issue no.180


I also like spending my time trying to understand Star Trek from a historical standpoint, as I think it’s an interesting thought understanding how humanity is going to evolve over the next four centuries. So for example we will use the scenario of cutting down a tree, so that it can be used as a building material.

At the humble beginning we began our development as cavemen and women yielding stone axes, slowly advancing ourselves to our current stage of development where you don’t need to use the very simplistic axe anymore, as in this day and age we now have at our disposal a well-trained Tree Surgeon yielding a chainsaw.

This leads me to the question:

What will we be doing in the 24th Century?!

If we carry on with our fast paced level of development in the 24th Century you might be asking an intelligent ‘Botanical Conservator’ why they are holding a tricorder scanning a tree to learn about it…instead of cutting it down like it would have been in the past. Which they would answer by saying "these tree's are alive and we need to conserve them to conserve ourselves".