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Two guys talking about Trek two centuries early!

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Hello and welcome, live long and prosper.... well at least that's the idea.


We are three Star Trek enthusiasts that just love Star much so that we've even decided to talk about, the past, present and future of Star Trek.


We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed making them!


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Welcome to The Engage Podcast website! The podcast that explore's the ever expanding world of Star Trek, which has enveloped our lives and given us all hope for the future!!!


Since our offical release on Friday the 3rd of October (at DST3), we have released a Promo and three Teaser Episodes. We hope that they give's you an impression of what we get upto on the podcast! Although we don't always manage it we are currently trying to publish one podcast a month.


The episode topics we cover are various and diverse! Going from one extreme to another. Along with all the typical episodes you'd expect, we will also be recording some episode types not seen before. One of those types is the Episode Debate, where we typically discuss one specific episode from opposite points of view. Seeing whether we can change the opinion of the other hosts.

We will record using an innovative and interesting format devised by us.


If you would like to become part of our community please join The Engage Podcast Forum, as it is a great place to meet other Star Trek fans! Within our forum you will be able to talk about your favourite franchise and series to your hearts delight.  We have threads specifically for all the series.

If you’re new to Star Trek thanks to Mr J.J. Abrams you will be able to find fans willing to guide you all about the wonderful world of the ‘Prime Universe’. With the hopes that you will enjoy it just as much as the ‘Kelvin Timeline’.


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Who are we? Where in the universe are we from?

What are you saying? #Trekster


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